Finding student accommodation before I arrived was a real godsend!

Before my departure, Studely accompanies me in my search for student accommodation until the signing of the lease!

With "Search And Find" *, the hassle is over!

A personalized follow-up to find the right accommodation
Service paid on the basis of results !!

Trouver un logement

Finding my student accommodation with Studely means:

  • Recherche personnalisée
    A personalized search according to my criteria
  • Résidences étudiantes
    Partner student residences
  • Garantie locative
    A free rental guarantee
  • Payé au résultat
    A service paid on the basis of results

Studely's real estate partners

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An apartment, great! But at what price?

A search by Studely according to my criteria and from my country of origin
For all genders
For all genders