What happens to my funds
after a Visa refusal?

With my Studely account, I manage my money myself!

What happens to my funds after a visa refusal?

We understand how discouraging it can be after dreaming of pursuing your studies abroad. But remember, every great journey begins with a first step, and sometimes that first step comes with some obstacles.

Your dream of studying abroad deserves a second chance

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    If your Visa application did not succeed this year, do not lose hope. Next year could be yours.
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    We are determined to accompany you in this new approach.
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    Simply by keeping your funds with Studely.


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    For your next Visa application attempt, we offer you free service fees. It's our way of supporting you in this adventure. A significant saving!
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    We are here to help you build a strong dossier to present to the consular authorities.
If you decide to keep your funds to retry the procedure, we invite you to fill out this form by clicking here.

If you still want to obtain your refund


Several documents will be required,
remember to gather them

  • note_writing.svg
    Signed refund request letter from the student (see example here)
  • no_visa.svg
    Visa refusal notification
  • housing_doc.svg
    Beneficiary's bank account information (RIB)
  • rib_identity.svg
    Beneficiary's identification document (if not the same as RIB)
  • avi_doc.svg
    Original AVI (if returned by the consulate)
  • euro_plus_document.svg
    Proof of payment of the deposit (you can find it on your customer account)
  • note.svg
    Proof of termination of the lease contract (if you benefited from Studely's guarantee)
  • report.svg
    Letter of contract termination (if the student used a bank loan through one of Studely's partners)
Student with books

Here is the refund procedure:

  • note_white.svg
    You fill out the refund request form by clicking the button below
  • call_center.svg
    A Studely Customer Relationship Advisor will contact you within a maximum of 48 hours to schedule a video conference interview according to your availability
  • computer.svg
    Once the interview is conducted and all verifications are done and validated, your refund request will be processed
  • note_circle.svg
    The processing of your refund request is done within a maximum period of 1 month.
Refund Request
Please note that the refund location for your AVI will correspond to the location where the payment was initially made, as follows:
  • If you made the payment for your AVI using the Studely subsidiary's local account*, your refund will also be processed locally;
  • If you made the payment for your AVI using Studely's account in France, your refund will also be processed in France;
  • If you made a mixed payment, with part of it on the Studely subsidiary's local account* and another part on Studely's account in France, the refund will be processed locally*.
*The regions affected by local payment are: Central Africa, West Africa.
NB: The refund request cancels the corresponding AVI. It is then strictly prohibited to use any element related to this AVI, especially for a new visa application. Embassies and consulates are informed of the cancellations, and violators may face severe administrative penalties, such as being banned from applying for a visa for several years, in accordance with the provisions of Article 32 of the Community Visa Code with respect to the applicant.
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