Up to 50 euros* free!

I recommend Studely.

I win, my friends and family win.

*Offer subjected to conditions.

How does it work ?

  • 1
    I fill in the contact details of each student by filling out the form below
  • 2
    The student receives an account creation link by email/WhatsApp and validates his invitation
  • 3
    The student creates his account and subscribes to one of our services (AVI, blocked account)
  • 4
    I receive my referral bonus

*Premiums will be paid according to the country of origin of the referral and the Studely product to which the referral has subscribed. For more information about the bonuses, please consult the terms and conditions of the offer.

  • 1 ) Registration or login for all sponsor categories
    •   - Former and new students can log in directly to their client area to sponsor
    •   - Parents/relatives must register on under «parent/relative».
    •   - Any other sponsor who is of legal age (+18 years old) must register on under the heading «business contributor»
  • 2 ) The bonus granted to the referral as a reduction on the service fees is paid 15 days after the month of subscription of the product by the referral and on his Studely payment account

    Who can sponsor ?

    • Customer

      Customer or former customer of
      Studely, i.e.
      on the day of registration on
      the list of Studely
      sponsors, holder of a
      payment account or
      a blocked account

    • Graduate

      Parent/relative of a customer
      or former customer of
      Studely, i.e.
      on the day of registration on
      the list of
      Studely sponsors (on:, his/her
      son or relative must
      hold a payment account or a
      blocked account.

    • +18 years old

      Anyone 18 years
      of age or older.

    Sponsorship Campaign

    How to benefit from Studely's sponsorship offer?

    What are the categories of people who can refer a student?

    How much is the referral bonus?

    I am a sponsor. When and how will I get paid?