Detailed information about Studely and our service offer for International Students in Germany
What is Studely - How it works ?
With what bank are opened the accounts ?
How can the German’s Embassy/ Consulate verify the authenticity of blocked account certificate ?
What is the procedure when opening a blocked account ?
Which document are needed for the account opening ?
How is the process of opening an account ?
How long does it take to open a blocked account ?
What should Student consider when opening a blocked account ?
How long does it take to issue the Blocked Amount confirmation letter ?
How can a student close the account ?
Which documents does a student have to provide when signing-up?
Does a student need a Proof of Address for opening a Blocked Account ?
How does a student transfer money? In which currency?
How do Student transfer money? Can he send it in it’s home currency ?
How long does it take for the money to arrive at Studely ?
Is it possible for Student to receive the 'Blocked Amount Confirmation' document earlier?
Student parent’s or it’s friend is sending the money on it’s behalf
Can a student send more money than required by the blocked amount ?
Can Student send the Total Blocked Amount in several transactions ?
How can Student access the funds from it’s blocked account ?
How is it ensured that the monthly withdrawal limit is not exceeded ?
In which bank should a student open his/hers current account ?
How can Student activate the Blocked Account ?
How can student close it’s Blocked Account, if I no longer require it ?
How is the closing of the account regulated ? What documents are required ?