Why Choose Studely

Speed and Simplicity

Student receives his money in France,in 24h!

In his studely account without traveling!

More delays, more worries.


Opts for security and reliability using Studely.

Your transactions are guaranteed and protected.


Send up to 1500€ without needing proof.

To pay tuition:Send over €10,000

Send more than 1500€ in less than 24h!

How does it work?


I fill out the sending form, then I receive an email with the deposit RIB.


I deposit the total amount to the bank and send a copy of the proof to the recipient.


The recipient downloads the voucher on his application and instantly receives the amount in France

Receiving money has never been

this easy!

I'm sending money now

*For the student’s personal needs and living expenses in France, I can send up to 1,500€ /month without proof required.
*For the payment of his fees/deposit of tuition, accommodation, air ticket, CVEC in France. I can send more than 10,000€ with a proof required.

100% secure transfer!

To protect yourself, your loved ones and your money

I receive money from 12 countries* in Africa

*Cameroon - Gabon - Congo - DRC - Senegal - Côte d'Ivoire - Mali - Burkina Faso - Togo - Benin - Guinea - Niger
Service provided in partnership with African banks
This is twice as fast and cheaper compared to international transfer operators.