Presentation of the Studely 2024-2025 scholarship

Help to finance your student mobility project

Objectives of the program

The Studely Scholarship program was launched in 2021 in a context of rising tuition fees and students' financial difficulties, aggravated by the Covid-19 crisis. Due to the annual increase in the cost of living in France, Studely is launching its fourth edition of the program, offering international students in France the possibility to reduce the expenses related to their stay, for the 2024-2025 school year. Through this program, 30 scholarship holders will be selected through a 100% digital process, based on social criteria and the quality of their academic background. Each winner will receive a grant of 1000 euros.

Fields of study

All higher education institutions are accepted regardless of the field of study.

  • Public universities
  • Public or private institutions of higher education (ENS, Institutes of Political Studies – IEP or Sciences Po Paris -, engineering schools, business and management schools, veterinary schools, etc.)
  • Public or private specialized schools and institutes (health, audiovisual, communication, journalism, fashion and design, agronomy, political science, etc.)
  • Higher schools of art and applied arts
  • National schools of architecture (ENSA)

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Levels of study

Only applicants with at least a high school diploma are eligible for the Studely 2024-2025 scholarship program, regardless of whether they are minors or adults.

Duration of the scholarship

The Studely scholarship is paid to the student in one installment directly on the payment account opened in his/her name in France, after reception of the documents justifying his/her arrival the French territory for the beginning of the academic year in his/her institution.

The student's stay in France must be during the 2024-2025 academic year and and for a mandatory period of 10 months.

No deferral or transfer of the scholarship is possible.

Expected benefits

The Studely grant is intended to contribute to the student's settling-in costs following the various expenses incurred by the student relocation process. The student remains autonomous regarding the use of the Studely grant. Studely will provide the 30 winning students with a financial aid of 1000 euros.

Selection process

Eligibility requirements

  • Age : the applicant can be a minor or an adult, provided that he/she holds at least a high school diploma during the 2024 application period.
  • Nationality : this program is open to students of all nationalities. Applicants of French origin or those with a dual nationality with one of their nationalities being French, are not eligible.
  • Origin of applications : only applications submitted on the website will be considered. Incomplete applications or those sent by other means will be systematically rejected.
  • The institutions/training courses concerned : candidates wishing to enter a first training course in a French higher education institution during the 2024-2025 academic year for a duration equal to or greater than 10 months are eligible. Only courses recognized by the French government are eligible. French courses that are relocated abroad are not concerned. A foreign student who is in France or who has already studied in France is not eligible for the Studely scholarship program. Only candidates who are in their first year of study in France are eligible.

In accordance with the application decree n° 2016-1456 of the law of March 7, 2016, relating to the rights of foreigners in France, foreign students must spend their first year studying in initial training. Therefore, training under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract is not eligible for the Studely Grant.

  • Cumulation of scholarships : foreign students benefiting from another French government or private organization scholarship program are not eligible.


  • Launch of applications : Monday, March 11, 2024;
  • Deadline for receipt of applications : Monday, June 30, 2024, at midnight; The student must have already initiated the procedure with Campus France.
  • Announcement of scholarship recipients by e-mail : September 30, 2024. Once the application has been accepted, the scholarship recipient must send the following supporting documents as soon as possible:

    • A certificate of attendance from the institution of higher learning where he/she is studying;
    • A copy of the student visa with the stamp of the French border police;
    • The RIB of the bank account opened in France.

The student will have until December 31, 2024 to provide the supporting documents requested by Studely. After this date, the student will lose the privilege of his scholarship.

Submission of applications

  • Until Monday, May 30, 2024, applicants can apply on the Studely application
  • Once the application has been submitted, the candidate will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Selection of Studely Scholarship recipients

Studely organizes a pre-selection process before selecting the scholarship recipients. The selection is made by an independent jury whose composition will be communicated by June 30, 2024 at the latest on the aplication.

Any incomplete application will be systematically rejected. The jury consults the files and gives an opinion on the candidates’ files for the Studely scholarship after considering the following criteria: the general quality of the file, the economic and social conditions of the candidate and the relevance of the project and the expressed motivation.

The jury assigns marks to the candidates according to these criteria. The files thus selected constitute the final list of winners.

Announcement of results

From September 30, 2024, each winner will receive an e-mail with the details of how to receive the scholarship. For this to happen, the winners must have obtained their student visa, arrived in France and entered their host institution. Unsuccessful candidates will also be informed by e-mail. There is no communication on the decisions of the jury which is sovereign.

Payment of the scholarship

The Studely scholarship is paid in one installment directly to the student’s (French) bank account after reception of documents justifying their arrival on the French territory for the academic year (academic transcript, copy of the student visa with the stamp of the French border police, RIB of the bank account opened in French).

Practical information

All information can be found at : For any practical questions, please contact us at :